Reasons To Be Happy When Work Isn’t


I recently graduated and the transition to work life is tough. Working 9 hours a day, commuting for 2, and by the time you do all your cooking and cleaning there’s barely anytime for anything else. Almost immediately into starting my job I was living purely for the weekends and dreaded Monday through Friday. Some days I still do. But, even if you aren’t living a life where you get to be at your dream job 40 hours a week, you can still find happiness. And those moments of happiness just might make the week bearable, or maybe even *gasp* enjoyable.

State of mind is everything. If you continue to complain about work and only see how horrible it is (which I was), it’s always going to feel horrible. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of work, instead try to consider all of the things your job enables you to do. You can start small by saying well, it gives me basic needs like a roof over my head, food to eat, and wifi (that’s a basic need right?). Now sometimes that still might not feel like enough to appreciate your job because if you just look at the basics, it almost feels as though you’re spending all your time working just to survive. We’re not trying to just survive life, we want to live it and love it. So think past the basic living essentials and look at the things in your life that make it wonderful. Think about the things that make you happy that you wouldn’t have if it weren’t for that 9 to 5 job. For me, these are some wonderful things that make me so thankful for my job:

  1. Evenings of loving on my pups and boyfriend
  2. That feeling of sexiness and confidence when I wear a new outfit
  3. The comfort and serenity of my living room because it’s decorated exactly how I want it
  4. Enjoying a warm cup of coffee on the back patio on a Sunday morning
  5. Screaming my favorite song as loud as I can in the car with the windows down
  6. Eating chipotle while watching Grey’s Anatomy (guilty pleasures)
  7. Sipping a cold beer on an evening out with my best friends

Owning dogs, and buying new clothes, and driving your car all require that dreadful horrible, wonderful job you have. So on the days where it’s tough and you can’t bare the thought of another day at work, make a list of the wonderful things that make you so thankful for your job.

xx Kelsey


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