Find Your Happy, Even If It’s the Unpopular Opinion

pexels-photo-704813.jpegGrowing up I think we all fall victim to the same struggle of making certain choices solely because it’s what everyone else thinks we should do. We dress a certain way, act a certain way, and do different things because it’s what we’re “supposed to do“. This is something I’ve struggled with, even with something as simple as this blog. Me and Hannah loved the idea of starting a blog, writing whatever it is we want, and feeling excited about something. But, we were scared to share it with anyone in fear of what people might have to say about it. Although people may judge what we write or the fact that we made this site, we finally realized doing this blog makes us happy. And that is the only thing that matters.

In life I’ve found that doing the things you love and finding your happy sometimes is the unpopular opinion. It may not be what everyone else says or thinks you should do. But, these are the defining moments when you will realize who the valuable people in your life are. Anyone that tears you down or makes you feel bad for doing something you love is not someone that deserves to be a part of your life. Because as “dumb” as I thought people might view our blog, since sharing with a few friends and family I’ve received so much support. Good friends want to see you doing something you love. They want to see you happy and enjoying life and regardless of what anyone thinks, those true friends will always build you up. And if anyone in your life treats you otherwise, the problem is not you. It’s them. Your happiness should not be affected by the jealousy or miserableness of someone else’s opinion. 

One of the biggest obstacles I’ve struggled with finding happiness is my career. Ever since I started in engineering almost five years ago, I’ve received endless support and praise. My family and friends have been so proud and encouraging of the things I’ve accomplished in the field. I’ve gotten my degree and done several internships and made a lot of money. On paper it is the perfect successful career and has a future with endless possibilities. But, this is not my happy. I loved the challenge of getting my degree and learning engineering in school, but the real world applications and industry just don’t motivate me. I am generally a very self driven person, but I’ve hit a wall where it’s a daily struggle to apply myself and put forth effort because I just don’t have the passion I need to do well in this industry. But I have always had a passion for teaching. Since high school, being a math teacher was my dream job and although I could see myself loving that career, I pushed it aside for a path that would lead to more financial success.

Now that I’m in the real world I’m determined to live my life doing what makes me happy. I’m a dreamer, I always have been. I dream big and have high hopes for what my life will be. And I want to live this life of mine following my passions and desires, not the biggest paycheck. While I always thought this was the “unpopular opinion“, my friends and family have been so incredibly supporting of me doing what makes me happy and they admit I’d make an amazing teacher. I still don’t regret getting my engineering degree. I believe I’ll be using it more than I think with teaching and in my future. I still aspire to be an entrepreneur one day, but right now I have this undeniable force pushing me towards teaching. And while I’m happy with the way my career has gone so far, I do wish I had realized sooner how finding my happy is SO much more important than following the popular opinion.

xx Kelsey


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