5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Take a Girls Trip

We all get stressed. Life is hard. It becomes overwhelming and busy and complicated and we all get close to that breaking point. If this depression is something you thrive off of, by all means use every ounce of your free time to stressfully binge watch Netflix while thinking about the laundry list of household chores, grocery shopping, and work you have to do. And if you want to maintain those tight knots in your upper back and increase the number of worry lines on your face by all means DO NOT take a girls trip.

You should NEVER take a girls trip . . . . 

  1. If you love stress. If you truly love being wound up in life’s stress I advise you stay far away from the next girls trip because you will be forced to unwind, let loose, and relax. You might experience ACTUAL fun, which is terrifyingly different your “9 to 5” structured life. YIKES.
  2. If you live to work. If you live to work and hate being reminded of all the exciting things life has to offer, DO NOT go to Cancun with your bestie gals. On a trip like that you might just experience what it’s like when you work to LIVE and get a breath of fresh air from your every day life. Even worse, you might remember why you work so hard *gasp*
  3. If you despise laughter. Mixing all your girls with a sunshine filled beach is a recipe for uncontrollable laughter to the point of tears. If you don’t want to smile ear to ear with tears rolling down your cheeks and laughing until your stomach hurts, you better unpack your bags. After this trip you’re bound to have endless ongoing jokes and laughs that will last for years to come. This kind of enjoyment can be highly invasive and reverse effects of the stress you may be trying to maintain.
  4. If you hate feeling loved and cared for. There’s no better place to be smothered in hugs and be told how much you’re loved (especially when you hit that right kind of tipsy) than when you’re with your girls. If you can’t stand the thought of spreading the love to your lifetime best friends who are practically your sisters, avoid a girls trip. Because when you go to the tiki bar with your besties, let me tell you there will be many heart to hearts and on at least one occasion your heart may burst of love and happiness.
  5. If you can’t bare the thought of making memories that will last a lifetime. What happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas, but the memories can never be forgotten . . . well most of them 😉 On your girls trip you will make the memories of a lifetime that will bring you a smile while reminiscing even on the worst of days. If you want all of your bad days to stay bad, run far far away from that girls trip because it’s insane how much happiness a vacation with your best friends will bring.

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